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Rays edge Mets in opener (April 24)

The Main Street Citgo Rays defeated the Mahoney's Garden Center Mets 8-7 in a game that came down to the final play. The Rays jumped out to an early lead when Aiden Emerick hit a solo home run to right field, and Cameron Nacar hit a 2-out double that scored Caiden Brady and Matthew McCarthy. Miles Conlon, Theo Farina, and Tyler Johnson also scored for the Rays in support of solid pitching by Nate Bopp.

The Mets, led by strong pitching by Chase Korotkin and Owen Penicaud, mounted a comeback in the last inning. Down by 5 runs in the home half of final inning, the Mets scored 4 runs only to have the tying run called out on a close play at the plate to end the game.

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