Game Stories - Major 60

Angels top Giants in Majors 60 opener (April 23)

On a rare picture perfect evening in late April, the Angels and Giants played a fairly clean game in the first of the season for both teams. After a scoreless first inning, John Matrundola got the scoring started in the second with a double to right center that scored Liam Strachan and Frank Xu. The Angels added home runs from Adam Fiorentino and Cole Blackburn later in the inning to take the lead for good.

Giants pitchers Braden Asara, Noah Harley and Thomas Lisy settled down the rest of the way for the Giants. The Angels got superb pitching all night from Owen Bernstein, Teddy Kuszewski, Blackburn and Fiorentino.

The Angels tightened the game in the 5th when Nick Russo and Oliver Goldberg knocked in Freddy Meyer and Harley. The Angels held on, however, for an 11-2 win.

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