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Phillies capture AAA championship (June 17)

After an initial rain delay, the Vita Realty Group Pirates took the field against the Fells True Value Hardware Phillies under the lights for the AAA title. It was an exciting back and forth battle. The Pirates drew first blood with Zach Pless driving in Ben Volchok in the top of the first. The Phillies evened things up with Will Simon bringing home Andrew Colli with a well hit single.

The Pirates came on strong in the third logging five runs. Luke Rizkallah, Dillon Keough, Ronan Walsh, Ben Volchok and Zach Pless all crossed the plate. The Phillies answered with a big bottom of the third, adding seven, with contributions from the top and bottom of the lineup. Kellen Healy and Owen Thomas got things started, followed by Will Richardson battling to get on. Liam Strachan laid down an opposite field single, James Wheaton, Quinn Johansen, Will Gans, Henry McCurry, Harry Lowenstein and Jason Feng all got on base.

The Pirates brought the game to within one in the fifth with Ronan Walsh making it home. The tension mounted in the top of the sixth. The Phillies caught Kaden Salvietti at second trying to extend a well hit single. Thomas Ferreira hit with power to get on and was driven home by Louis Bottari to even things up at eight a piece.

Looking like we were going to extra innings with two outs in the bottom of the sixth, the Phillies went to work. Henry McCurry pounded out a hit and advanced to third, and then Andrew Colli dramatically drove him in him with the championship winning run.

Owen Rabinovich, and Jackson Fefferman were contributors to the Philly's team effort. Max Griffin and Ronan Walsh both pitched well for the Pirates. Harry Lowenstein pitched strong all season long for the Phillies, and this game was no exception. Will Gans took over on the mound in the third, holding off the impressive offensive efforts by the Pirates, to earn the win - and the championship.

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