Pitcher Eligibility - Major 60

Pitchers used in the last 8 days

(Please report discrepancies to the commissioner)

AngelsAlexopoulos, PeterJun 9 (Sun)52
 Molloy, LukeJun 9 (Sun)55
GiantsBrady, CaidenJun 12 (Wed)69
 Dattoli, AlistairJun 9 (Sun)9
 McIver, KevinJun 9 (Sun)43
  Jun 12 (Wed)15
 Osborn, AxelJun 9 (Sun)78
  Jun 12 (Wed)29
RoyalsCollins, JackJun 12 (Wed)30
 Ketterer, GibsonJun 9 (Sun)20
 Lock, OscarJun 9 (Sun)60
 Pescatore, MichaelJun 9 (Sun)35
  Jun 12 (Wed)51
 Rotondi, NicholasJun 12 (Wed)27

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