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Photo Schedule

Photo Day for most SYBS leagues is April 28, 2019. Mrs. Cydney Ambrose, who shot the photos shown on this page, will take team photos and individual shots at Nutile Field, either before or after your game. What a great deal to be in uniform and get your picture taken while still at the field!

Important information from the photographer:

Please arrive in plenty of time for your pictures in accordance with the following schedule and the day will run smoothly for all.

02:30Major 60Rangers
02:30Major 60Royals
02:45Major 70Orioles
02:45Major 70White Sox
03:00Major 70Red Sox
03:00Major 70Cardinals
03:15AARiver Cats
03:30AARock Hounds
03:30AARiver Dogs

League Color Codes:
Cal Ripken AAGame
Cal Ripken Major 60Game or Practice
Cal Ripken Major 70Game
03:45Major 70Dodgers
03:45Major 70Athletics
04:00Major 60Tigers
04:00Major 60Mets
04:15Major 60Pirates
04:15Major 60Nationals
04:30Major 60Phillies
04:30Major 60Angels
04:45Major 60Giants
05:00Major 70D'backs
05:15Major 70Marlins

All other leagues will be photographed on the field in conjunction with a scheduled game. Don't forget to fill out your order envelopes or forms (see links at top of this page) and bring it with you along with your payment when you come to the field on the appointed day.

Cal Ripken A, Rookie, Clinic will be photographed on Saturday May 11 at Nutile Field, during the normally scheduled baseball/softball activities.

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