Junior Umpire Program

SYBS takes great pride in our Junior Umpire program as a means of both learning the game and providing employment opportunities to our baseball and softball players aged 13 years or older. Umpiring is also a valuable community service to our younger players and their families and builds great character.

If you are interested, it is imperative that you contact Robin Lacey, Umpire-In-Chief by April 5, 2017, preferably by email.

Email: Robin Lacey

Phone: 617-285-9717.

There are a limited number of openings available. Umpires will be chosen on a first-come first-serve basis. Please note if you had previously umpired, you will still need to contact Mr. Lacey about umpiring for the 2017 spring season.

All interested umpires must attend an umpiring clinic on April 13 at the Nutile/West Side Field Complex. Further information, including specific instructions, and equipment will be handed out to the interested umpires at the clinic.

Before attending a clinic, please familiarize yourself with the rules for AAA and AA baseball and/or softball.

Umpiring Requirements

Some of the more important umpire requirements are summarized below:

All SYBS junior umpires:

  • Should be at the field at least 10 minutes before game time. Please be on time. Weekday games begin at 5:45pm sharp. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Games begin at various times.
  • All SYBS Jr. umpires must wear uniforms which consist of:
    1. SYBS shirt (provided by SYBS)
    2. SYBS Jr. Umpire hat (provided by SYBS)
    3. Light-colored pants or shorts - You may NOT wear jeans, cutoff shorts, or gym shorts.

During the Game:

  1. Each game will typically have 2 umpires. One umpire should call the balls and strikes and plays at the plate. The other umpire should call the bases. There will be occasions where only one umpire will be assigned to a game.
  2. BE VERY LOUD!!!!!! The biggest criticism of young umpires is that they are not loud enough. Please make every ball and strike, foul or fair, out or safe call, no matter how obvious, LOUDLY. You can't be too loud!! Everyone at the field wants to hear what you are saying.
  3. Players, coaches, or fans that use profanity at a game - regardless of where it is directed - must be removed from the field immediately.

Schedules and Payment:

  1. The pay of $20 per game is the same for the plate or the bases.
  2. If for some reason an umpire is unable to make a game for which he or she has been scheduled, they must get someone to take his/her place.


All approved SYBS Jr. Umpires will have a username and password for the sybs.org website. Your username and password will be sent to you in an email.

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